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If you're injured during your employment you have the right to New York State Workers' Compensation benefits

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NY Workers Compensation

Accidents do happen. When they do ensure, know your rights and get what you are entitled to entitled to receive whether you work in Buffalo, Erie County, Niagara County or anywhere else in Western New York.

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Don't let the stress of the claims process or court cause you to lose what you're entitiled to by law.


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Jul 5, 2016, 3:19 PM
Both camps say they are simply being true to the numbers, but the bottom line is businesses could pay more. Workers’ comp costs for employers statewide could jump if the business lobby gets its way. Wait, what? In a counterintuitive turn, the leading trade group for New York businesses wants the premiums employers pay to be allowed to go up by 9.3%—and lawyers for workers want them to stay down. The disagreement over insurance premium hikes is part of a war over the state's workers' compensation policies, with employers fighting costs and labor backing benefits. The state Department of Financial Services limits how much workers' comp premiums can rise, and must decide the top rate by July 15. Of course, the Business Council of New York State ultimately wants these costs cut. But it says arbitrarily keeping rates down obscures the issue. It sees reducing costs as the real solution and wants them reduced via rollbacks and reforms it had sought in Albany this spring and now wants the governor to implement administratively.
Jun 30, 2016, 3:15 PM
WE NEED WORKERS' TO UNITE! Write to Governor Cuomo! The Commissioner of the NYSWCB recently appointed by Cuomo plans to slash workers' benefits by significantly reducing or eliminating benefits for permanent injuries to extremities. The Business Council says That schedule losses of use are the culprit in recent premium increase. The number do not add up though. Read on...


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